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Message from Open Research and Science Library


To whom it may concern

ORSlib - Open Research and Science Library is an independent scientific and academic publisher founded on 28th July 2012 with a mission to promote "Open Knowledge Movement". ORSlib is a non-profit project and we do not operate commercially. Due to SOPA, PIPA and ACTA bill by US Congress the whole internet knowledge source turned into limited knowledge source and most of us do not have access to premium online repositories. As a result, we are suffering a lot specially scholars and scientists from developing countries. ORSlib is a small effort to promote "Open Knowledge Movement" so that we can motivate young students and academics for scientific research. We believe that anyone should have access to knowledge source.

To publish with ORSlib, authors do not have to pay and it will be continued for 2 (two) years. Authors will hold all their right under "Creative Common License". In future, authors may have to contribute in ORSlib due to project maintenance and other cost but we are assuring, it will be minimum. And of-course if anyone wants to sponsor/donate in our project, we will highly appreciate it so that we can provide a better platform to our authors and readers.

We firmly believe in the following:

- High quality scientific research will always be funded and conducted.
- The key areas in supporting the research will be conducted effectively and professionally.

At present, we cannot provide any other services such as DOI, iThenticate but we are continuously trying to index our journals in eminent scientific citation databases. With your consistent support we can make our small effort successful.

Thank you once again for staying with Open Research and Science Library.